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Hello everyone, this blog is for the new population who just entered the stock market. Even I am new into the stock market and would love to share my experience and its always an open forum, if some of my finding you feel is contradictory do let me know, as knowledge is always useful, then it might come from anyone, as my title of this website suggest “KNOWLEDGE IS MOST POWERFUL WEAPON”.

My Journey started in May’20 & unfortunately lock-down period due to COVID, but one good thing happened, it was perfect time to enter Stock Market, because such a fall in the market & for such a long time is once in a decade occurring event and hope many must have taken this opportunity and invested a lot, now an obvious question might arise how it’s an opportunity when the market is not performing good, will explain with an example.

When we say the stock market is not performing well it means per share price of the stock is going down, suppose a stock price for an ABC PVT LTD is 100 Rupee, later stock price saw a fall after few days and same stock is now trading at 50 Rupee, but if you know how to analyze historical data and if you’re updated on the latest news related to that ABC PVT LTD then you can buy more share during this downtime and wait for the right time to sell out this stock, that is when stock price rise.

Always remember it’s the law of nature, Sunrise & Sunset is observed every day, similarly, the stock market also see a downfall and later the growth is inevitable and the cycle continues, but the rise and fall in the stock market also depends on Macroeconomic condition and various other factors are also involved, to understand this factor, detail study is required

Main points to remember:

  • The Entry point (Timing) is very important in Stock Market, if you enter when the rise in stock is observed then you would end up purchasing the stock at a higher price, but if you want to sell it then you would not get much profit because you already purchased the stock at a higher price.
  • Patience: Lot of patience is required to deal with money business because one wrong step and everything is gone, also something called as 6th sense is required while trading and this is developed with experience, which will come with time but it depends on how fast you learn to analyze the data available with you.
  • Right Decision at Right Time: This factor is very important as the stock market is a very fluctuating market, the buy and sells happen in a blink of an eye, technology is very advanced so always be awake and aware when you deal Technology and Stock market, learn to leverage the technology to the fullest and would suggest using this app Zerodha its awesome app for trading and the commission is also very low on this app.

What is stock market?

It’s a market where trading is done, means buy and sell of equity (stock) is done. Now how a company enters this market and all this info you will get from the mentioned YouTube channel ( and from this channel you will get most of the information. But how to analyze the data is not taught anywhere and this is where I would help you, so that you can be self-sufficient.

You might think we need to join any class to learn how to do analysis on any data? so the answer is no, you don’t need to join any class, just reach out to me on my official email id: will help you understand the concepts in detail, don’t worry its free of charge, as the content is prepared separately cannot upload it on this blog.

So in meanwhile if you want to give a try on how to look at data go through this website MoneyControl and then also if you have any question reach out to me even I have learned all this stuff hard way, even faced many difficulties, but did a lot of study before stepping into the stock market, so Knowledge is everything, always have the curiosity to know more and learn as much as you can.

Have a great day guys & stay in touch if you need my help in your journey to Stock Market.

Stay healthy, Stay Safe & Invest Wisely

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