Discipline & Value

“Rule your mind or it will rule you”

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

Hello folks, hope you all are safe and healthy, this post is out of curiosity for the young population who have time with them, do invest in self-development and be successful in life, Time is always one-directional, you can change future but not past, so don’t miss this; once in a lifetime opportunity to touch great heights’ have used my words very carefully when I say Discipline is directly proportional to Value, your demand in market increases if your value is more, how to measure value?

Learning Phase 1:

  1. Home Work: This is to make him/her develop their brain to read, understand, and execute, so all this is measured through the exam to define your value.
  2. Elocution Competition: The confidence level is measured.
  3. Group Sports activity: Performance of an individual in the group is accessed.
  4. Art competition: Imagination capacity is measured.

Many more Data Point (Observation) can be analyzed, but the school time is learning phase you can do mistakes and learn from it, correct it and move ahead to next phase, but make sure you understand why everything you did in school is very important because it’s the base for your future.

Learning Phase 2:

In higher school, you are put into real-life kind of scenario and make to work in groups for various class project & also to note the Annual function which is the most awaited event of every college student, because it’s fun and yes you should enjoy it to the fullest, but we will come to the point on what you actually learn during this fun fest.

  1. Stage confidence : very important later in your professional life
  2. Presentation Skill: The most important aspect for communication with stakeholder
  3. Presence of mind: In professional life you cannot remember everything, so the more you read the more knowledge you get and will help you while you’re representing your organization to stakeholders

Final Phase (Professional life):

All that you have learned in Phase 1 & 2, this is time to implement. Let’s go one step back and see how the Value determines your position in professional life.

Once you complete Graduation or Post Graduation, few would sit for campus recruitment or few might begin their own startup, etc., the only demand from the market that time will be “What value you add to that particular organization or through startup for the end customer?”

Going back to beginning of the post, have quoted two phrases

  1. “Rule your mind or it will rule you”: If you train your mind to do what you think, then your work is to decide your goal and work towards that, as you have full control on your mind, working hard or smart will make your goal easily reachable. But if you don’t train your mind to work according to you then you would end up just setting goals but not accomplishing it, and this part is covered in my second quote.
  2. “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”: Truly said, if you have been trained to be disciplined then you will not find reasons to run away from any kind of work rather you will try to learn it & later execute it, which we actually have learned in Phase 1 of our life.

Concluding statement:

Always learn from your mistakes, the more mistakes you do the more you learn but make sure you don’t repeat that same mistake ever in life. If you follow this rule then your growth is inevitable, no one can stop you, as my blog page title states


Hope you make this blog reach our future generation kids, if the base is strong then the future will definitely be bright. Make them understand how the word “Value-adding” is important and for that they need to understand what discipline is, not just the definition, but how to put that in practice.

If any further thoughts or comments on this blog, please leave a comment, or if you would like me to blog on any specific topic let me know, Thanks once again for taking your precious timeout for reading this blog.

Cheers everyone, have a great day & yeah stay safe stay connected.

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