Risk & Management

“Risk is like fire: If controlled it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you.”

“Risk management is about people and processes and not about models and technology.”

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” 

Before we start would like to ask one question, which is the toughest job in the world?

Managing people is the toughest job in world, you need to have patience to handle people, as it’s not machine or programming code, which would execute the work it’s meant to do on click of button. More calm and patient you are, the more efficient you become if managing people.

“People don’t quit job, they quit bosses”.

Skill set is not a problem today, it can be learnt and implemented by any individual, but what about behavior, it cannot be learnt or taught, it has to be self-developed and no one can teach you this except yourself.

Things that are important for self-development:

Observation: keep yourself up-to-date, you might not be topper in your field/work, but try never to be last at least, be in competition, you never know one day you might even win the game, which will happen only if you are disciplined enough, and you have that urge to grow one step ahead from where you are right now, and which needs Patience. To make you understand this better way, below proverb says it all,

“Rome was not built in a day”

Listening Skill: People tend to take this skill very lightly , but do not forget my words, this is the only skill that will make you reach great heights in your career, even if you lack in any other skill set that’s fine this one can recover for that as well, now the question is how? So in this expanding world what you thing is more important, its communication, it will be useful only when you understand that communication. The one who understands the below proverb has got it right than,

“The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand, rather we listen to reply”

Consistency: This skill matters to keep you in game, take an example of the movie Dangal, Geeta Phogats father  Mahavir Phogat, had taught them never enjoy the victory until you reach your ultimate goal , for Mahavir Phogat it was to see his daughters win gold for INDIA in International platform, but due to not been disciplined and due to lack of concentration, Geeta Phogat lost her first international match , which was due to lack of consistency, but as you know mistake is the best teacher, if you want to learn then only of course. Do watch Dangal movie, moral of the story is best. Link for the movie: https://www.netflix.com/in/title/80166185 .

Concentration: This skill plays important role as it build trust, in organization, why are you recognized? From the work you do right? Now only doing work is not enough, it has to be done in right way & that is what you get recognition for.

Risk, so once you are ready with basic skill sets as mentioned above you have reached a point where you can handle pressurized situation in real world and in that situation how you perform is the real task and for that your basics should be crystal clear.

Would like to share in few words:

“If you want be best Managers, then you should know what all problem a junior level employee or an intern might face when he/she joins the organization, if the answer to this is yes then you have achieved it”

In any organization, People is the biggest asset they have and cannot afford to lose them, Apple (http://www.apple.in) company is just a name, but the people in there makes it different.

Risk vertical is something you guys need to explore more, real life example in front of you is COVID-19, did anyone thought whole world might go lock down one day, no never, but it happened and there are people who always make strategy around how to tackle any unwanted event if occurred.

For my fellow reader , I would recommend explore your career in RISK like field, its nearly in every sector, and it’s the need of time, in coming times we might need to face more worse situation then what we are facing today.


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Thanks once again & Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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