Free vs Paid Services

Nothing Good came free,Even Love.You paid for all things.And if you were poor,suffering was your currency.

Hello everyone, hope all are safe, Today’s blog is about which is good, Free service or Paid services, no doubt that paid services are always good, but are they always worth to pay?

Will talk about the below list of Services and alternative for the same:

  1. Online Streaming Platform (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hot-star, etc.)
  2. Blogging website.
  3. Antivirus.
  4. Software.
  5. EBook’s

Online Streaming Platform:

As we all know, nowadays the youth is moving today’s online streaming platform rather than watching traditional TV daily soap, But the next question is what we are paying is that worth for the content available?


Basic mobile version costs 199rs/month for details find below screenshot.

Amazon Prime:

Yearly 1000rs, not bad.



Is it worth it to spend so much money? So that’s the choice of individual interest, from my experience I would suggest purchase only if required or else free sources are available as well. The package is designed strategically to make people purchase a yearly package rather than a monthly subscription.

Most of us pay for these streaming platforms, but due to lack of time we are unable to leverage its benefit, better search Fmovies on google and you will be able to find 90% of all content available online.

More alternative website:


tubitv :

Blogging Website:

So this is an interesting one, if you think to start your own blogging website, then you will end up in the confusion of where do I post my blog, and how do I earn and etc.?

Today will not cover on how to earn, but will help you initiate the Process,

  • Free Blogging website:

Yes, you can create your own free blogging website, visit and you can create your website for free.

  • Paid Blogging website:

If you want to own your own website then you need to spend a bit , see my post for the same



Note that, do not compromise on Antivirus, its needed, but you can buy this as well in a lower cost, on eCommerce platform you can compare the price & specifications. I would suggest going for Eset Nod32 ( link provided below)

how to determine the quality, its similar to a Doctor, all doctors have the same knowledge & the way of treatment is also nearly the same (depending on the experience, but basics remain the same), but what varies is the Cost.

Do not go for any free version of antivirus, it’s very risky.


This section completely depends on the individual’s choice, if you own any Business, then always prefer to keep a licensed version of the software, to avoid any legal issues. But if you are a student and want to try out various things for study purpose would recommend going for free trial version or Student version.


These are freely available, but if the reading book is your passion, then I would suggest spending a bit and purchase Kindle and read on the go, and you would save a lot of money on books, but the feel of reading a book is an altogether different experience, anyways that’s a different story, find the below link to purchase kindle at low cost.

Online Education:

You would find many online Education websites like Coursera, Udemy, etc. you get courses for free and some are paid as well, but to get a certification, you need to pay.

I would suggest to leverage the benefit of this courses and increase your knowledge.

Coursera :


“Knowledge is the most powerful weapon”


If you looking for Best Quality output, then you need to pay a bit more, but if you are a student and have money crunch, then go for the suggested option, I have a more alternate solution but cannot mention out here, do get in touch with me through my social network channels or email me and drop a comment below, will reply back if you expect to know more alternate sources.

Thanks every one for reading this blog & Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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    Netflix offers the new user a free trial of 1 month, where you have provide your debit/credit card details, and before your 1 month trial ends remove the card details. Again go ahead with the same process but with a new card, so you can make make a group of your friends and month by month repeat this process and no money will be deducted if you remove the card details before the 1 month trial period ends

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