India vs China

Hello everyone, hope you all are safe and enjoying my blogs, Today’s topic is a bit sensitive, What is the Strength & Weakness of these 2 Nations? The reason for conflict? & What will happen if war breaks out between these 2 nations? Let’s have a look at all of this aspect.

Recently, all of you might have heard of a cruel incident that took place in Galwan Valley, without firing a single shot, Indian and Chinese soldiers recently engaged in a bloodbath in the Galwan Valley. The scuffle between the two nuclear-armed nations in the disputed Himalayan border region led to the deaths of at least 20 Indian soldiers.

Galwan Valley conflict pictorial view:

Map view of Area of conflict:

Indian border disputes ( Settled/Active ):

The Coronavirus disease originated in a Lab in China, which resulted in millions of death across the world, the biggest question is why yet no action is taken against China, so here are the stats for the same.


Major concerning factor for India are:


The unemployment rate in India is 24% whereas, in China, it’s 4%. A huge gap is observed & it affects the growth of our country. I encourage our youth to leverage the MakeInIndia initiative by the Government of INDIA & help our country to minimize the gap at the international level in terms of the Economy, which will directly help increase in GDP of our country.

Industries & Services:

This sector has seen larger growth & helps in generating jobs as well, Employment is directly proportional to the increase in industry and service sector.

Strength of country:

We get to know India might lack in quantity of Defence equipment compared to China, but the biggest factor that will play an important role is Manpower, our Indian Defence has approx. 23 Million vs China (19 Million) Armed forces ready to deploy.

Why no legal action is taken against China in International Court?

The Service sector and Industry sector in China saw a boom in past 5 years, from companies like Apple Product to Pen, all are manufactured at very cheap rate and exported all over world & others countries cannot compete for price at which China sells these products, which is nothing but Trade, the world is directly or indirectly dependent on the products manufactured by China, but we have to break this monopoly.

As a Country ( China) its good growth, but the revenue generated from this is redirected for development of Defence & which in turn is used to carry out Galwan Valley like incident & develop virus-like Corona, etc.

I support steps taken by the Indian Government, to ban 59 mobile apps developed by China, where an estimated loss for China is approx. $6 Billion per month, a huge loss.

As an individual, I would encourage everyone that, our Government will have a limitation on imposing restrictions on using Chinese products, so as a citizen we can boycott all the China-made products like Mobile phones, laptops, etc made in China.

Hope this article was informative, the figures mentioned in the above table are approx. numbers, do support Indian Armed forces by not purchasing Chinese products and take benefit from the MakeinIndia initiative.

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